Paul Minshall has been a musician and songwriter for over 30 years based out of Vancouver Canada. His melodic Pop/Rock style can be heard in his on going project 45.

Over the years Paul has toured across Canada many times playing keyboards for various bands including MATREX, KIDS WANNA ROCK, RENEGADE, YVR Band and Canadian artist DARBY MILLS, from the HEADPINS. His current band DANCE MOB, as bassist, have been playing steadily since 2004.

Paul also produces podcast themes which can be heard on Leo Laporte's TWiT Netcast Network for: Net@Night, The Daily Giz Wiz, Abby's Road, This Week In Fun, Jumping Monkeys, and Roz Rows The Pacific. Also for The Detroit Tigers Podcast with Mike McClary.

Roz Savage, Ocean Rower, Eco-Adventurer, author, speaker, has used Paul's songs for her video "An Introduction to Roz Savage", and for her current podcast "Roz Roams".


These songs are licensed
under Creative Commons